AOC sends a stark climate message from the future


The 2020s, just right around the corner, promise to be a critical decade.

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez intends the 2020s to be the decade that the United States tackles climate change by reinventing our society’s antiquated energy infrastructure, while also guaranteeing Americans livable, dignified incomes. It’s similar to the historic New Deal advanced by FDR in the 1930s.   

It’s the Green New Deal. 

In a seven and a half minute message sent from some 10 years in the future, AOC narrates a history beginning in the 1970s when scientists began to warn about the growing reality of climate changeAccumulating carbon emissions in the atmosphere had started to warm and destabalize Earth’s moderate climate.  Read more…

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Source: mashable
AOC sends a stark climate message from the future