Back in time: See You Yesterday brings time travel to the streets of Flatbush

  • Claudette “C.J.” Walker (Eden Duncan-Smith), Sebastian (Dante
    Crichlow), and their lab mate, Eduardo (Johnathan Nieves), carefree
    and excited about science. [credit: YouTube/Netflix ]

Director Stefon Bristol’s See You
is something of an anomaly in the
pantheon of time travel movies
, straddling multiple genres.
With its central tragedy, central theme focused on the unintended
consequences of new technology, and strong social conscience, it’s
more Black Mirror than Back to the Future. As such, it fits nicely
into a small subgroup of quietly innovative time travel films like
2012’s Safety Not

The premise: Two teenaged science nerds in the Flatbush
neighborhood of Brooklyn build a makeshift time machine to right a
tragic wrong. C.J (Eden Duncan-Smith) and her best friend and
fellow science whiz Sebastian (Dante Crichlow), nicknamed Bash,
have just wrapped their junior year at the Bronx High School of Science.
They’re putting the finishing touches on a pair of portable time
travel devices for an upcoming science fair, and they’re naturally
ecstatic when they succeed on their next attempt at a Temporal
Relocation Test, traveling back one full day.

That light-hearted tone quickly turns dark. In an
all-too-familiar scenario, C.J.’s older brother Calvin (the rapper
Astro) runs afoul of a trigger-happy NYPD officer, who mistakes
Calvin pulling a cell phone out of his pocket for a weapon and
shoots him dead. C.J. figures she and Sebastian can use their
science project to travel back in time and save Calvin. Who among
us wouldn’t want to try to reverse such a tragedy? But as you might
expect, there are some serious unintended consequences to her

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Back in time: See You Yesterday brings time travel to the streets of Flatbush