Healthcare industry spends $30B on marketing—most of it goes to doctors

Healthcare industry spends $30B on marketing—most of it goes to doctors

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Talk with your doctor… It’s a common refrain at the end of
any drug advertisement or disease awareness campaign. Ostensibly,
it seems like a responsible suggestion. Talking with your own,
trusted doctor can help determine if a new drug really is right for
you, or if you may be suffering from an undiagnosed disease. You
shouldn’t just take the word of the drug company behind that drug
ad or awareness campaign, of course.

But the suggestion to consult with your doctor may not be as
innocent as it seems. The drug company likely got to your doctor

Of the nearly $30 billion health companies now spend on medical
marketing each year, around 68 percent (or about $20 billion) goes
to persuading doctors and other medical professionals—not
consumers—of the benefits of prescription drugs. That’s
according to an
in-depth analysis published in JAMA this week
. The study broke
down exactly how health companies convinced us to spend enormous
sums on our care between 1997 and 2016. In that time, health
companies went from spending $17.7 billion to $29.9 billion on
medical marketing. Meanwhile, US healthcare spending hit $3.3
trillion, or 17.8 percent of the GDP, in 2016.

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Healthcare industry spends B on marketing—most of it goes to doctors