“Scary” reality: Meds tainted with germs, glass, carcinogens, mystery particles

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An investigation by Kaiser Health News into thousands of recent
drug recalls
reveals a frightening record of medicines in the
US being tainted with dangerous bacteria, mold, glass shards,
rubber bits, cancer-causing chemicals, mysterious powders, and
worrying metal particles. There were also cases of medications with
too much or too little ingredients—or simply the wrong
ingredients entirely.

Digging deeper, the investigation discovered that a startling
number of the drug makers who issued the recalls had received an
all-clear from Food and Drug Administration inspectors within a
year of their recalls. FDA records and lawsuits suggest that drug
makers can easily game the inspection system, mislead inspectors,
lie about where drugs are manufactured, or outright sabotage

For instance, FDA enforcement documents reveal that employees at
one drug-making facility in Japan stood “shoulder-to-shoulder”
to physically block an FDA inspector from looking around, and
another drug maker in India faked a worker strike and cut the
lights at its facility to foil an inspection. In a different case,
whistleblowers alleged in a lawsuit that Gilead Sciences told the
FDA that it used a facility in South Korea to make an ingredient
for HIV drugs Truvada and Atripla, but in reality, Gilead was using
an unregistered facility in China. The civil suit claimed that the
Chinese ingredient contained “glass-like shards,” “black
rubber-like particles,” “plastic-like particles,” “small
stone or pebble-like particles” and “metal shards.”

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Source: FS – All – Science – News
“Scary” reality: Meds tainted with germs, glass, carcinogens, mystery particles