The hydrogen fuel strategy behind Nikola’s truck dream

Truck refueling at a hydrogen station.


Ars makes every effort to cover its own travel costs. To attend
Nikola’s conference, we covered the flight out to Scottsdale,
Arizona, but Nikola covered one night in a nearby hotel.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona—The Nikola Motor Company wants to reinvent
trucking by replacing diesel heavy-duty trucks with hydrogen fuel
cell trucks. But hydrogen skeptics are numerous, and not without
good reason. Although hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are quiet,
emissions-free (with the exception of water) during operation, and
relatively fast-charging compared to battery electric vehicles,
they have a host of other problems.

First, hydrogen is hard to store, and it must be cooled and
compressed. It’s also hard to transport. Additionally, H2 is not a
green fuel in the US, for the most part. Generally, natural
gas (CH4) is reformed to create H2 in ways that still cause carbon
emissions. There is a way to create hydrogen fuel without the
carbon emissions: by applying electricity to water (a process
called water electrolysis). But water electrolysis has been
prohibitively expensive, and if hydrogen can’t compete with diesel,
what’s Nikola’s value proposition to freight companies that will
make them want to switch?

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The hydrogen fuel strategy behind Nikola’s truck dream