Three electric scooters you can buy on Amazon

E-scootin' boogie.

E-scootin’ boogie. (Denniz Futalan via Pexels/)

E-scooters are for people who can’t decide between skateboards, bicycles, go-karts, Segways, and those things from Return of the Jedi that Luke and Leia used to cruise around Endor at 100 mph. And for once, such indecision has yielded gold. E-scooters transcend a mode of transportation, and are the kinds of things you hop on and tool around with just because you can. And they are truly for all ages.

Of course, it’s important to find the one that best suits your scooting needs. We can help.

15 miles on a full charge.

15 miles on a full charge. (Amazon/)

With its stated aim of “ending boring commutes,” the Glion Dolly sets itself up to be the top bicycle alternative for adults who haven’t lost their sense of fun. And it delivers. The speed tops out at around 15 mph (which is comfortably swift) and the premium Li-Ion battery has a long life span (although you may notice some diminishing capacity over time). It can hold a maximum of 255 pounds, too. A solid ride.

Finally, a Segway for those too embarrassed to ride Segways.

Finally, a Segway for those too embarrassed to ride Segways. (Amazon/)

From the folks who brought you the people mover you still can’t see yourself ever actually riding, comes this sleek and stylish e-scooter entry. Although still maintaining the familiar silhouette of a scooter, the Segway has managed to make it feel substantial and, dare we say, a little more mature. The best feature is the dual lithium-ion batteries, and the top speed of 19 mph. It can reach up to 28 miles on a single charge.

Lacks speed, but not style.

Lacks speed, but not style. (Amazon/)

Another well-known name in the scooter world, Razor unsurprisingly can do electric-powered scooters as well as it does analog. The twist-grip acceleration is comfortable, but the scooter is definitely scaled a bit younger than the other models listed here. It tops out at a very kid-friendly 10 mph, but has a long battery life (care of twin 12V batteries) and costs way less. It’s also a relatively quiet ride, and designed to be ready to ride within minutes of opening.

Source: popsci
Three electric scooters you can buy on Amazon