Trump personally made call restricting medical research using fetal tissue

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President Trump personally made the call to impose new
restrictions on the use of fetal tissue in medical research,

according to reporting by The Washington Post
. The decision,

announced Wednesday by the Department of Health and Human
, pleased anti-abortion advocates while horrifying
medical researchers, who say the move will cripple lifesaving
research that helps millions of patients.

In a statement made Wednesday, June 5, the HHS explained the new
restrictions, which primarily include discontinuing research
projects conducted within the National Institutes of Health by
government scientists that involves the use of tissue collected
from aborted fetuses. According to HHS, that applies to only

three active research projects
out of more than 3,000 in
progress by NIH researchers.

HHS also said it would not continue a multi-year NIH contract
with a laboratory at University of California, San Francisco, which
was using fetal tissue to study HIV treatments. The contract had
been limping along on 90-day extensions while HHS conducted an
audit of NIH-funded research involving fetal tissue. The latest
extension expired on Wednesday, June 5. HHS did not specify the
reasons for letting the funding expire or reveal the results of the

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Trump personally made call restricting medical research using fetal tissue